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Rent-a-carnival: Nostalgia is just around the corner

Carnivals are a fun way to get people excited! Not only will people get to enjoy the fun, but you’ll gain a lot of profit along the way. With that said, it’s important to organise a carnival event that can accommodate a wide audience to increase chances of gaining more profit.

Evoke nostalgia

A carnival event that can accommodate a wide audience should be set up with a lot of activities. This should include activities that are reminiscent of the past! Organise a carnival event that could bring nostalgia to your attendees with classic fun games such as old video game arcades, bowling, and board games.

Once you’ve set up your carnival with traditional carnival games, expect to see more families at your event! Yo just might bring the inner child out of your older attendees.

Attract the younger kind

While attracting old people is a part of your goals, children are still your target market. Mix and match your carnival with a few set-pieces that are both modern and old-fashioned. Nowadays, ball pits and bouncy castles are trendy and timeless. They can bring joy to both kids and teenagers alike.

An arcade game rental should also do the trick, just remember to put in both old and new games to attract audiences of all ages. Of course, you can’t go wrong with balloon darts and can tossing! These two activities will allow children to have a chance to win their prized gifts. Who knows, they might even bring their older siblings or guardians to try and win a game for them!

Mixing and matching

It’s all about catering to your target market’s wants and needs. For example, if you’re going to organise a carnival for a school’s fund-raising event, then children will be your target market. Nonetheless, despite children being your target audience, catering to people of all ages should be a secondary objective.

To make sure you’re covering all grounds for your audience, mix and match a few carnival games and activities. Put in a basket tossing game so both kids and adults can enjoy together trying to win prizes. Try setting up a darts stand which could attract older people such as teenagers and young adults. Just remember to cater to more people as much as possible! More activities mean more chances of bringing in more customers/visitors.

Scheduling issues

The issue of when you should set up your carnival event isn’t that much of a problem. The best days when your carnival event should take place is from Friday until Saturday. Friday nights are when people are usually free, especially the working-class adults. As for weekends, everyone’s mostly free!

Bring joy to people of all ages with the help of a carnival event company in Singapore. Carnival Rental can provide you with services catering to individuals of any age. Their carnival game rental services are capable of bringing joy to adults and children alike!


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