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Services Provided

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Carnival Planning

As a Leading Carnival Planner in Singapore. We assist our clients to plan and execute their Carnival event to perfection. If you need any help planning or executing a carnival or a family day, contact us directly to find out why are we the leading carnival planner in singapore. 

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Party Planning

Having a birthday party and in need of a party planner? At carnival rental , we have hosted and organized countless of birthday parties successfully. If your kid birthday party is coming and you want the party to be perfect, contact us today and let us assist you in the planning and hosting. 

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Dinner & Dance Planning

Your Company annual Dinner and Dance is round the corner and you are having problems planning it. Do not worry, carnival rental is here to assist you in your planning and executing. All you need to do is drop us a mail and let us ensure that your fringe activities to hotel booking to event emcee are all covered. We provide the most comprehensive packages at the best rates!

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Brand Activation

Having a road show or a new product launch? In need of creative ideas to draw crowd and retain your loyal customers? Let Carnival rental show you how you could use simple games machines and equipment to add that extra touch to your event! 

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