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Digital Spin the Wheel.jpeg

Spin the Wheel 

Spin the Wheel, also known as the Wheel of Fortune. One of the many choices used to engage the audience. 

This special wheel is divided into different parts, like slices of a pizza. Each slice has something special written on it, each representing a different outcome or prize.

Spin the wheel is typically used in various contexts, including events, entertainment shows, and promotional activities.

Mini Spin the Wheel.png

Mini Spin the Wheel

W46 X D20 X H56cm

Spin the Wheel.png

Spin the Wheel

W80 X D40 X H180cm

Spin the Wheel Singapore.jpeg

Digital Spin the Wheel

Custom Program Content

Hardware: Digital Kisok, Touch Screen TV, Online

Custom Spin and Win.png

Custom Spin and Win 

At Carnival Rental, we provide full custom solutions. With our in-house team of designers and production experts, we will bring a fresh new life to your idea for Spin the Wheel idea. In 3 easy steps let us show you how easy is it to custom your claw machine with us.

​Step 1 ) Send us any design assets that you have


Step 2) Share with us the ideas you have for your design


​Step 3) Our designers will start the design and mock the design out in 3D. Once approved our production team will spring to action and bring your design to life.

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