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Ball Pits

Planning a kids' party or carnival in Singapore? Elevate the fun with a colorful ball pit rental! Explore various sizes and options, including the option to rent a ball pit with a slide or go for a giant ball pit. Reserve your ball pool now for an unforgettable experience.

Small Ball Pit Rent.jpeg

Small Ball Pit

L2.5m by W2m by H0.5m

Large Ball Pit

L4.5m by W2m by H0.5m


Giant Ball Pit

L4.5m by W4m by H0.5m

Custom Ball Pit.jpeg

Custom Ball Pit

L4m by W4m by H0.5m


Are the Ball Pit always cleaned & sanitized?

Answer: Our equipment, including ball pit balls, ball pit fences, and the floor mat is cleaned after each event. We use a non-toxic, fragrance-free, residue-free cleaner, which kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, and germs. We also proudly clean and sanitize all our balls with a professional ball washing & sanitizing machine.

What size should you get for your event?

Answer: You may engage our team to do a site recce on your site, we will advise the size accordingly.


 If I were to rent for more than 7 days, does your team provide cleaning and sanitizing of balls?

Answer: Yes, we do provide on-site ball cleaning service at additional cost.

I would like to have a customized size and branding on the fences for our event. can your team do it?

Answer: Yes, we have done server times for custom ball pit! Speak to our team to find out more!

Past Event Gallery


Ball Pit Sizes


Take a look at our ball pit rental available in the gallery above!

We have many sizes for ball pit and a wide selection of balls for all your ball pit needs. If you are looking for rainbow ball pit or even Led ball pit we have it all. Do let us know 

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