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Chinese New Year: Reignite the tradition with a carnival event

Chinese New Year is nearly in session this February. Why not practise prosperity this Chinese New Year? Feel free to prosper by organising a carnival event near you. You’ll not only generate a lot of income, but you’ll be spreading joy to people all around!

Why is a carnival event perfect this February? A carnival event brings prosperity because not only will you profit from the event, but you’ll give people a chance to have fun. This fun can come in many different ways. From a bouncy castle and ball pit, to fun fair games and live food stations, a carnival event will surely bring out prosperity this Chinese New Year.

So what are you waiting for? Prosper this February! As a party planner in Singapore,Carnival Rental is the perfect provider for all things festive. Take a look at Carnival Rental’s many fun-filled programs and equipment that will give joy to both kids and adults.

Prosperous activities and programs

We are nothing short of spectacular. There’s no lack of fun-filled activities for you to choose from. Here at Carnival Rental, you can rent many products and services that range from classic to modern in nature.

Children (and maybe even adults) can enjoy a bouncy castle at a carnival. Our bouncy castles range from small, medium, to large. Each bouncy castle is adjusted with different measurements, allowing you to choose a size of your preference. There are many different themes to choose from. Whether it’s a superhero or outer space-designed bouncy castle, feel free to choose whatever you want.

The fun doesn’t stop there! Set up a ball pit for people of all ages to enjoy. Sizes range from large, giant, to mega. Different ball-types are available, with rainbow-coloured balls and LED balls as part of our selection.

Symbolise Lunar New Year through food

Present a prosperous month this Chinese New Year by organising a party with many live food stations in Singapore. Choose a variety of different foods that can represent the best of Lunar New Year’s symbolic nature.

Organise live food stations in Singapore that represent Chinese New Year’s many symbols. For prosperity, cater fish to the attendees of your party. For wealth-dumplings, spring rolls, and fruit are your lucky charms. As for longevity, noodles are the ideal dish to serve.

Our selection includes both carnival and classic food. From cotton candy and Muah Chee, to hot dogs and Otah, our variety of foods is sure to delight visitors and newcomers alike.

It’s a prosperous month this February. Bring the joy to many people in Singapore by organising a carnival event to promote wealth and prosperity. Not only will you benefit from the income provided by our services, but you’ll spread joy and fun all throughout this Lunar New Year. Contact Carnival Rental, your party planner in Singapore, for all your festive needs.


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