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Popcorn Live Station Rental Singapore

pop corn machine rental.png

Looking to sweeten up your event? Sugar Spice and Everything nice! At carnival rental, we bring the best-tasting PopCorn to your event with our most beautiful popcorn cart and the cheapest popcorn rental in Singapore.  If you need cheap popcorn machine rental with or without manpower you can contact us for the best price!


Unlike typical Popcorn rental companies, we do not use only plain white sugar but we use it with Caramel Popcorn sugar. If you look at the oil that we use you will be surprised that it smells and tastes so good!


With our most beautiful Popcorn cart, a Special blend of Popcorn oil, and a Special Caramel mixture of pop corn sugar with grade Popcorn carnets you will be sure that our popcorn cart will not fail you.

Type of Popcorn Station

pop corn cart.jpg

Popcorn Chart

Table Top Popcorn.jpg

Table Top Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Station Rental for Event

Looking for a popcorn machine to entertain your guests at your event? We offer affordable Pop corn live station rental for events in Singapore! Our Popcorn machine also comes with a food handler to make popcorn for your guests.

$220 for 2 hours, 200 serving
$80/subsequent hour 


$180 or 2 hours, 200 serving

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