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Arcade Machine

Arcade Game Rental

Classic Arcade Games up for rent! If you are looking for games that require a different set of skills we have it here! From games like time crisis and mario kart we have it all!

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Ken , 92266495

Arcade Machine
ultimate puncher.jpg

Punching Bag Machine

Test your might of your fist with this punching bag machine. Set the highest score and have your score set there for the next person to try to beat.

Basketball Machine

Think you got what it takes to shoot some hoops like the pros, test your skill here first at the basketball machine!

Dart Machine

Test your dart throwing skills and aim for the bullseye with the dart machine

frog jump.jpg


Earn Points by getting as many frogs as possible and earn points while doing it! Earn great prizes!


Retro Arcade Game

Play old school arcade games that you can't find anywhere else! Challenge your friends!


Time Crisis

A classic for anyone that has been to the arcade when they were younger work together with your friend to conquer the different levels


Mario Kart

Compete against your friend and race it out on the mario kart arcade machine!

Bishi Bashi.png

Bishi Bashi

Play this game and all its mini games with a group of 6 people to have the maximum fun


Key Master

Try your hand at this arcade game which takes alot of skill to win! Think you have what it takes? Give it a shot!

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Air Hockey Machine

Go against your friends and see who is the best air hockey player and score as many goals as you can against your friends!

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-31 at 1.55.02 PM.

Dance Machine

Think that you are a good dancer? Test your fancy footwork on this machine and have your feet tested!

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Daytona USA

Ever wanted to a race car driver here is your chance! Take on this arcade game to make your dreams into a virtual realtiy

Counter Top Arcade Machine Rental.jpeg

Counter Top Arcade Machine

This Bar Top ( Counter Top ) arcade game is ideal to be placed on top of the bar or on a table.This game plays over 600 classic arcade games. We can also do custom art work decals of your choice.

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Arcade for next event

Arcade Machine Rental

Bring back some old school fun with (company name Singapore) arcade machine rental services.

At (company name Singapore) we specialize in making your events fun and adventure packed with our wide range of arcade games collection. Arcade games will add hours of fun to any event, everyone is to engross in the fun that they don’t realize times pass by.

Our arcade games are perfect for any events (birthday party’s, cooperate events, picnics and so much more). They provide great entertainment for kiddies and teens, while bringing nostalgic feelings for adults as they reminiscence their earlier days and fun memories while grooving up some of our old school arcade games are: Packman, donkey kong, space invaders and legendary super Mario brothers.

We have the following arcade games available for rentals in Singapore.

. Counter top arcade games.

. Free standing arcade games.

Contact us today for arcade game rentals in Singapore, Our rates are mind blowing.

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