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Continue the holiday spirit with Carnival Rental

It’s already 2019, but the holiday spirit is still lingering around every corner. Gift giving may be over, but the essence and joy of Christmas is still very existent! Why not continue the holiday vibes by organising a community event and spreading joy to children and adults everywhere? Here at Carnival Rental, you can do just that.

Carnival Rental is the number one party planner in Singapore. Our specialties cater not only to children, but to adults as well. We cover all sorts of carnival-related services such as food, arcades, bouncy castles, ball pits, and more!

Besides fun and games, what are the many other benefits a carnival party can bring? There are many reasons why a carnival event is the perfect idea to gather different people from your community.

Fun activities for all ages

As the number one carnival event company in Singapore, our specialty is providing a wide range of different activities. Parties are meant to be flavorful. Fortunately, we provide many carnival games, products, and activities that are fun for people of all ages!

Children will love our bouncy castle. Depending on the estimated number of attendees, you can choose a bouncy castle with a size of your choice. We have small, medium, and large bouncy castles. These are perfect for carnivals and birthday parties.

Another fun idea for both children and young adults is the ball pit. The ball pit comes in different sizes such as large, giant and mega. There’s also the LED ball pit, where 8,000 to 38,000 LED balls will fill the entire ball pit with a size that’s customized to your liking.

Of course, how could we forget classic fun fair games? A carnival wouldn’t be complete without a few traditional games and activities for the whole family. These include the can toss, balloon darts, bowling, and basket toss! They come with classic prizes and toys to give rewards to your enjoyment.

Perfect idea for different events

The beauty of a carnival’s timeless fun is associated with its traditional activities. What makes are carnival a classic go-to location for many people is the many different games. There’s no perfect time or reason to set up a carnival; organize a carnival party regardless of any event!

The holidays may be over, but there are many reasons why a carnival can continue the spirit of giving! With a carnival party will attract different audiences such as kids, teenagers, and even adults. You’ll be able to bring whole families who’ll enjoy the holiday experience even after Christmas!

A carnival party is also perfect for different occasions such as fund raising events and school activities. With a theme and cause behind your fund raising event, you’ll not only give joy, but spread awareness towards others as well. Carnival Rental will provide all kinds of fun a carnival is supposed to represent: joy, charity, and ageless cheerfulness.


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