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Carnival Game Rental | Modern & Traditional Ways For Fun

Carnival Rental: Blending modern and traditional ways for fun

Carnivals are a timeless form of entertainment. They’re always fun and engaging, no matter what age you’re at. They’re a perfect getaway location for kids, teenagers, and adults!

Carnivals are also the perfect idea for an event, no matter what occasion. Organise an event, then rent a carnival. You can never go wrong with a carnival! There are so many different activities and programs you could set up.

What makes carnivals timeless is their transition into the modern world. Carnivals work well with advanced technology like arcades, interactive vending machines, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these great carnival activities and machines that blend both modern and traditional fun!

Arcades and interactive machines

close up arcade game

Let kids experience the best games an arcade can provide. Revive some old school fun and games! Carnival Rental provides a variety of interactive games from both arcades and interactive machine. Our arcade game rental services include retro games like Time Crisis, Mario Kart, and Daytona USA.

For interactive machines, we provide punching bag, basketball, darts, and air hockey. These are fun for all ages.

Classic carnival activities

colourful ball pit inside a mall

Bring back classic activities like ball pits and bouncy castles for kids to enjoy. Our bouncy castle and ball pit rental services will provide your event with customisable options. Create a ball pit with a size of your choosing! Sizes are limited from large to mega, with the option to use LED balls or normal ones.

bouncy castle outside field

You’re never too old to have fun in a bouncy castle. Try our bouncy castles with limited size options. There are different themes to choose from in different sizes. You can choose bouncy castles that can accommodate as much as 10 to 20 participants depending on their sizes!

Diverse range of food

hotdog food stall w/ ketchup

The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. With the best live food stations in Singapore, Carnival Rental ensures your heart will be joyed to see a diverse range of food altogether.

Carnivals are great food hubs. If your goal is to feed many hungry patrons as much as you can, carnivals are the perfect idea. Organise your event with live food stations to satisfy hungry customers. There’s no shortage of options to choose from either. Our stations include different kinds of food like classic cotton candy, popcorn, sausages, and nachos!

Mix a perfect blend of classic and modern

With so many options to choose from, organising an event won’t be too difficult. These carnival rental services are just a glimpse of what fun has in store for your event. You have to experience the fun for yourself!

Try to mix classic activities with modern ones. Maybe rent a Ferris wheel with a few modern interactive machines? These will surely attract all kinds of customers!

For carnival services and information, look no further. Carnival Rental will provide the best carnival activities, games, and food stations in Singapore.


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