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Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore



At carnival Rental we have castles of all sizes. Our small castles are suitable for children aged from 4 years old upwards. We have cheap bouncy castles for rent. Our bouncy castle singapore is the best quality. We have many new arrival please feel free to contact us.

If you have an upcoming family day or even need a ball pit for your birthday party please contact us as we have fantastic packages to offer you which you will be entertained for hours to come. If you need adult size castles we do have the Larger castles and even Medium size to large obstacle course type of castles.


Our bouncy castles are made out of high quality material which are inspected thoroughly by us. Everytime we finish an event or even at the start of an event we will sanitize the castle as we believe in having the best condition castle for our clients. Not only is our bouncy castle cheap, we pride ourself at providing the best service and quality. In singapore, we may have one of the most variety of bouncy castle which are of high quality and new. We have customers ranging from schools to big companies, where they use our service for family day or even dinner and dance.


You may hire our bouncy castle even for 1 hour or 2 hour or 3 hour or even for an entire month! We provide flexible castle packages which cater to everyone. You can take our bouncy castle with a popcorn or even with a candy floss machine which will be a sure hit for your event. If you want to be sure that your event will turn out to be a success you should wait no longer  and contact us today!


Our hottest castles are the medium size and large bouncy castles which are very popular for adults and teenagers. Imagine at your school event or at your company’s family day event, our carnival style bouncy castle will be a show stopper. Cheap bouncy castle singapore. In singapore if you are looking for a good deal always do remember carnival rental singapore because at carnival rental singapore you will be in for an awesome deal as we carry a wide range of products from bouncy castles to ball pit to vending machines. Our in house team of specialist are on stand by everyday to be there always for you. If you have an event which needs something cool like a bouncy castle you would know who to call. Call carnival rental! Because if we say we do have it we have it. All our bouncy castle singapore are source with many years of our experience in this line. If  you take from carnival rental our bouncy castle will be surely the best decision you have ever made. If quality and best deal is something you consider when renting even an arcade machine. Carnival rental got you covered! Because we too are consumers and we understand how you feel. Our wide range of arcade machines as well will impress you from machines such as basketball machines to even daytona to even time crisis. If you are looking to have more carnival equipment at your event you can browse our site and find as many as 200 carnival equipment which are for rent! We are sure that there will be something there for you. We pride ourself as a leading carnival rental specialist in singapore. If we have something you are looking for contact us!

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